26 julho, 2011

Um Ode para as Mamãs

Praia da Falésia (PT) © AS, Julho 2011

Para nós mães que vos vemos crescer todos os dias 
deixo este texto tão sentido e verdadeiro:

" You are superwoman.
Trust me I know it doesn’t always feel that way.
But listen…
You are a warrior without even trying.
You accomplish in one day what some people can’t get done in a week.
You incubated and birthed a human. {If not in your body, then certainly in your heart.}
That alone attests to your awesome power.
You switch effortlessly between a plethora of contrasting roles.
businesswoman, home manager, accountant, master scheduler, cook and personal shopper…
and in the next minute- nurse, teacher, kisser of booboos and changer of diapers, comforter if all hurts
and let’s not forget, you are also wife, soulful wanderer, full of dreams and prayers- a woman.
You are amazing.
You are breathtakingly beautiful.
You are strong
and the essence of grace and courage.
You do early mornings and late nights.
Your uniform ranges from heels and drop-em-dead dress
to jeans and yoga pants
and you look stunning and at-home in both.
Every day you shape the future of our world
and love in a pure and unconditional way
that is beyond normal human capacity.
You are truly incredible.
{Don’t forget it.} "